Blogger meets Blogger/ Fan

August 6, 2012

At the Baby, the Stars Shine Bright Tea Party in Paris, Totoro met a lovely blogger and fan of Totoro, Rosalynn!
She wanted a picture badly with the famous little Totoro.
Totoro says he was blushing but his fluffy, fluffy coat of fluffyness hid his red cheeks.

Rosalynn is the wonderful princess behind Lolita Wonderland. She has a nice long post on the Tea Party (something Totoro’s helper has not finished yet.)


2 Responses to “Blogger meets Blogger/ Fan”

  1. Rosalynn said

    Totorooo, I love yoooouuuu! *fangirlscream*
    This is too cuuuuuuute! T___T ❤

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